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This page is being remodeled and will become mostly personal shortly. My new main page is being constructed at: www.ivodominguezjr.com Please change your bookmarks.

So who is Panpipe? I'm Ivo Domínguez, Jr. and Panpipe is one of my magickal names. I am a Wiccan author and an Elder in the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel. For more about me follow the link to my Bio page. .

Email: panpipe@seeliecourt.net

Featured Announcements
Bell, Book, And Candle

   Jim and I are the owners of Delaware's largest metaphysical shop Bell, Book, And Candle which is located in Dover, DE. Please stop by and experience our
store .

Events/Venues I'll be teaching or offering ritual at:

January 18-21, 2008    Sacred Space XVIII: The Resurrection of Osiris -- Gods of Sacrifice and Transformation. Holiday Inn, West Laurel, Maryland www.sacredspacefoundation.org .

Classes I'll Be Teaching At Home at Dragonstead (Seelie Court)

    January 13, 2008 - Opening The Inner Senses - 10 am - 5 pm

This workshop will be a fast paced intensive equally split between theory and practice. The goal of this workshop is for the participants to gain greater access to their psychic abilities for use in magick, divinatory work, and healing. Come to this workshop well rested and well fed as you will be challenged and pushed to bring out your gifts. There will be a 1 hour lunch break and I suggest you bring a bag lunch so that we can stay together as a group for the day. The fee for this class is $55.00.

    I also teach classes and do readings regularly at Bell, Book, and Candle. Check the store's website for details for details.

My Books

My books, Castings: The Creation Of Sacred Space, Spirit Speak, and Beneath The Skins are available at fine bookstores.

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